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weh cool!! i got drawn into phuzzy comics this week alongside will, alex, nathan, krystal, and monica herself. click here to read more!

i think this concept is super cute so i’m going to add a few of my own.

a good con is shared with friends who:

-let you stay at their house
-stay up until 3 watching babycakes with u
-lend u their phone constantly bc urs doesn’t work across the border…
-print/craft trade w u!!
-bring u delicious food when ur chained to ur table
-watch ur table as ur playing in the puzzle fighter tournie
-lend u their flats because u are too smashed to wear ur platforms
-give u beautiful flowers made of jello
-run over your foot with their car*

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    -come to your table for the 40th time and bother you because they don’t want to do commissions lol sorry. i don’t know...
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